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Photography Mentorship


You want to become a skilled and confident photographer. In order to do that, you need someone that can help you grow in the areas necessary to be successful. But it can be difficult to get your camera to capture what your eyes see. Frustrated? Ready to give up? I understand, I’ve been there. But I believe that with guidance everyone should be able to capture great images.

I understand. When I first started this journey 11 years ago, I remember shooting endlessly and being so frustrated with the results that I would cry. But through some amazing mentors, I’ve been able to build my business and photograph for a number of commercial publications.

Here are the steps for making 2019 a big year for your business.

  1. Sign-up for a mentorship.

  2. Through three, 90-minute sessions, we’ll work through your business from all angles.

  3. We’ll watch you grow and your business multiply.

Sign up today. Stop feeling frustrated and insecure. Instead: take better photos, get noticed, and see your confidence and business flourish.

business & basics review

We’ll grab coffee and review your gear and technical understanding, your business setup and ideal market, and any specific questions you may have.

hands-on session

We shoot together as I explain process, posing, and interaction with clients.

post-process review

Image review, culling strategy, processing philosophy.