This isn’t my story. But this is why I photograph families.

We'd spent a few hours at the beach during our Spring break trip. When the weather turned and we decided to pack up and head out. I juggled sandy beach toys and wet towels and attempted to convince my two-year-old that it was a good idea to leave the beach while my husband followed behind with the folding chairs and our crying 4-month-old. As we trudged through the sand, I noticed an older man look at us and heard him comment to his wife: “Those were the days, weren't they?”

When we got back to the car my voice cracked as I told my husband what I'd heard. There weren't tears, but I got emotional thinking about it. These are the days. We're in them, living them. Right. Now.

These are the days. I approach each session with the goal to have fun and help you capture the stage you’re currently in. If you’re ready, book now.