Wedding Agreement



This agreement is between Sarah Carter of 6562 West FR 186, Republic, Missouri (Photographer) and the client (collectively the “Bride & Groom”) for the purposes of providing photography services.

  1. This agreement makes up an order for wedding photography services, as agreed to by both parties: the Photographer (Sarah Carter) and Client (Bride & Groom). Unless otherwise specified, any and all rights to proofs and final or sample prints will remain the property of the Photographer and may be used for advertising, display, or any other purpose thought proper by the Photographer.

  2. If Photographer cannot perform this Agreement in whole or in part due to a fire or other casualty, acts of God or nature or terror, or other cause beyond the control of the parties or due to Photographer’s illness or injury, then Photographer will return all fees to the Client but will have no further liability with respect to this Agreement. This limitation on liability will also apply in the unlikely event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of Photographer. The Client agrees that an entire wedding cannot be replicated, reenacted, or repeated for the purpose of a re shoot and limits the Photographer liability to the amount paid under this contract.

  3. On signing of this agreement by both parties, the Photographer will reserve the time agreed upon and will not make another reservation for the specific time frame. For this reason, all deposits are non-refundable even if the date is changed or if the wedding becomes cancelled for any reason.

  4. A deposit fee of half the full amount is due to reserve the date. The remaining amount is due 14 days before the event to secure the features of the wedding package. No photography will take place and no rights are granted until timely payment is made in full. The fee is non refundable in case of cancellation or date change by the Client. In the event photography is requested beyond the set time, billing resumes at $100/hour with timely payment due before photography and rights are delivered.