Jazmin Joy

Last week held an another amazing moment for me, attending Matt and Leah’s home birth. I got the call around noon that Leah was in labor and headed her way.

When I arrived Leah was in the birthing pool and working through her contractions like a pro. She had SO much support. Her husband Matt, her fabulous midwife, and her assistant. She worked through the contractions while music was softly playing, drinking and eating to keep her energy up. Matt provided her with all the comfort she needed throughout the entire process…they made a fantastic team.

It was a beautiful birth. Jazmin Joy arrived around 3pm. She had a full head of hair and weighed 11 pounds 6 oz. Leah was absolutely incredible and not to forget, looking pretty stellar during and after the birth. I’m pretty sure all you girls out there will be jealous…I totally was!

Here is a tiny glimpse into a pretty amazing moment in life.